Note   Posted 
End of Term - Please note that the school will close at the usual time on Tuesday 20 July 2021.  For a list of 2021-2022 term dates please see here.  22.06.21
Wider re-opening of school  - Please click here to read a letter from Mr Smith regarding the wider re-opening of school on Monday 8 March 2021.  04.03.21
Information from School Nurse - Please see here for information on what to do if your child feels unwell.  20.04.20

Medication - If your child needs regular medication in school please speak to your child's class teacher. A pink Medication Consent Form must be completed.  All medication must be prescribed by a doctor, clearly labelled with your child's name and in date. Please note school can only administer medication if it is to be taken four times a day. Thank you.